Service Contract Proposal

The service contract proposes an ongoing service providing everyday help for all those annoying problems all year long.

Service Contract Proposal
Need someone to call a garage, your car has broken down
You would like someone to make your monthly payments on your behalf
Need someone to collect your post while you are on vacation
Child is ill, need someone to recommend a doctor fast
Your telephone lines need to be repaired
You need an electrician, a decorator, a plumber, etc...
Your daily help has given notice, you need a replacement quickly
You need to reserve a restaurant or hotel for friends, family or clients
Need someone to repair your computer now
The documents that you have received are in French, you need a translator
Need an interpreter for an official appointment (fr/eng)
Need someone to reserve your holidays
Ongoing contacts with owner / agent of your lodgement


All these and many more requests can be made seven days per week.

For a quote and fees please send an e-mail to

*Either party can terminate the Service contract with seven days notice. This service is provided for those persons requiring complete follow-up for the duration of their stay in Switzerland.